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A Culinary Transformation with Chef Nunzio Scordo

With over three decades of experience, Chef Nunzio Scordo has made a name for himself on the food scene in cities across the nation, notably in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he operated three acclaimed restaurants that helped elevate the standard of dining in the North Carolina capital. Prior to his tenure in Raleigh, however, he was the Executive Chef of the Ocean Key Resort’s Hot Tin Roof, and, like most one-time Key residents, he simply could not ignore the siren song of the islands calling him home. Now the head of the elite culinary team at The Perry Hotel & Marina Key West, Chef Nunzio is busily appending his gourmet signature to our three on-site restaurants with several exciting changes. At the Salty Oyster, guests can now savor the subtle flavors of the Keys’ finest raw oysters, plus a few delicious New England dishes to make your mouth water. Matt’s Stock Island Kitchen will maintain its Southern coastal focus, but with some significant alterations to the dinner menu to incorporate the Keys’ seasonal delicacies, and Sloppy Joe’s Dockside will enjoy a complete overhaul of its menu. We hope you and your appetite will join us very soon to indulge in the sumptuous culinary magic of Chef Nunzio Scordo.

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