beautiful white hammock at the pool area of property

Explore with Arcimoto

What better way to explore Stock Island and Key West than a thrilling open-air ride? Feel the salty air on your skin and take in island views in every direction with Arcimoto’s all-electric Fun Utility Vehicles (FUVS). FUVS are as easy to drive as a golf cart and offer tandem seating, protection from sun and elements, and luxurious features like silent operation and Bluetooth speakers. Plus, tight parking has never been easier.

The Fun Utility Vehicles are 100% electric-powered and emission-free. With a reduced carbon footprint, you can feel good about your travel on Key West. Enjoy a driving range of 100 miles, with a battery that normally provides at least a full day of travel. Arcimoto’s FUVS are also safer than other motor vehicles, with features like collision protection and tandem bucket seats with criss-cross belts.

Guests can rent their Arcimoto Fun Utility Vehicle onsite through The Perry Hotel’s concierge. Or, you can book your FUV here. Package rates start at $35 an hour with a four-hour minimum. Drivers must be 21 or older.

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