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Art & Music

A Creative Refuge For Artists & Musicians

Key West offers endless inspiration in the form of a spectacular natural environment, crystal clear waters, and sunny picture-perfect skies. Nearly everywhere you go, you'll find inspired pieces by local artists, from the art colony on the outskirts of the marina to Stock Island's beloved Coast Project, there are plenty of creative spaces to discover.

Green Pineapple gift shop store

Shop The Green Pineapple

Recognized across the world as the traditional expression for "welcome," the pineapple symbolizes warmth, friendship, and hospitality. Dedicated to protecting our environment and preserving the wellbeing of ourselves and each other, The Green Pineapple is an eco-conscious brand committed to beauty, wellness, and style. Whether you need a hat and some suncare before you hit the beach or you’re looking for a new piece of standout jewelry, you’re sure to find it here. 

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Onsite Artists

Our talented onsite artists included Leo Gullick, Alan Kennish, Daniel Siefert, and Christie Fifer. Alan Kennish and Leo Gullick produced the artwork that you'll find in your rooms.

perry art shack food carts and art gallery
perry sacred space key west
painting of red and orange men
abstract blue and yellow painting
man carving a wooden boat wearing a blue shirt
assortment of yellow and blue domes
blue water with a white break
leather distressed trunk with iron knobs
man lighting a ring on fire with a blue flame
Places to Go

Art Shack Food Carts & Art Gallery

Art Shack is a charming artist community and studio space featuring food trucks, craft stalls, and kitschy souvenirs.

Sacred Space Key West

Open from 10 am - 6 pm, this new interactive art collective includes a gallery featuring nine local female artists.

Collections Key West

(305) 923-4778

Just down the street from Hogfish, this Stock Island gallery features original art and rare artifacts from local artists.

5700 Studios

(305) 414-8396

Check out the eclectic 5700 Studios for oil paintings, abstract wood sculptures, collage art, stained glass pieces, artisan soap, and more.

Wooden Boat Builders Wood and Metal Art

(305) 900-8905

Discover the art of boat building, browse the diverse work of many skilled artisans, and even catch some live craft demonstrations.

Shopwright Artisan

This fine arts co-op led by artisan Thomas Avery features everything from handcrafted bowls and furniture to swordfish bill paintings.

Yodanis Studios

Enjoy custom airbrush work and fine art by Bruce Yodanis as this Stock Island studio. You won't believe his airbrush pieces aren't photographs.

Washed Up Key West

(305) 509-1856

This family-owned gallery features reclaimed wood and upcycled furniture, as well as work by fine acrylic artists, photographers, jewelry artists, and more.

Made by Soto

(305) 699-8769

Located at Washed Up Key West, Made by Soto specializes in traditional jewelry techniques, offering handcrafted precious metals, gems, and jewelry.

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